It’s a MAD MONDAY on Hard Factor, including one of the maddest things we’ve ever seen – fentanyl laced weed hospitalizing people in Connecticut ([00:28:47]). Other samples of madness include the Rittenhouse acquittal and subsequent reactions, San Francisco Nordstrom getting looted by a gang of 80, anti-Covid protests all over Europe, and alien sightings in Australia…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:16]) – Fun Fact: Legal Weed is Great

([00:07:00]) – Holidays: Cranberry Relish Day

([00:10:59]) – This Day in History: JFK Assassination

([00:12:50]) – Trending Mentions: Colt McCoy, Vax Mandate Drama, and RIP Art LeFleur

([00:19:28]) – #3 – Rittenhouse gets acquitted and both sides of the aisle rush to use it as a Lightning Rod of polarization

([00:21:58]) – #2 – Professor gets caught “vigorously loading an email attachment” to his computer while he was still logged into Zoom class with one female student still watching… she is suing, obviously claiming he was masturbating

([00:28:47]) – #1 – The most fucked up thing ever, Fentanyl-laced Weed, is so fucked up it has people wondering if it’s a false flag

([00:35:50]) – San Francisco Nordstrom Rack is robbed blind by a gang of 80 thieves all at once, and only 3 were apprehended

TikTok International Moment

([00:46:45]) – Europe – Massive Anti-Covid Restriction Protests Erupted all Over Europe, especially in Brussels, France, and Austria

([00:53:50]) – Afghanistan – The Taliban continues to restrict women’s rights, and now they can’t act in any films

Space Mountain

([01:00:15]) – The US Space Force admits inferiority to Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles

([01:03:15]) – The Moon has enough Oxygen to support Billions of people

([01:07:25]) – Huge Australian UFO cover-up alleged by major Australian news outlet

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