Mike Tyson says smoking venom from poisonous toads has changed his life ([00:22:55]), Iranian women’s soccer team facing allegations their goalkeeper is a man ([00:44:35]), Activision/Blizzard in big trouble for sexual assault & Beanie Babies CEO to the rescue?

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:30]) – Fun Fact:  Kylian Mbappe has assisted ⅘ of Karim Benzema’s last goals for France

([00:07:25]) – Holidays: Petroleum Day & Homemade Bread Day

([00:10:20]) – This Day in History: Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen who liked to bang)

([00:13:10]) – Honorable Mentions: Stocks, Sports, Movies, Politics & McRib Hate

([00:15:10]) – #3 – Laura Ingraham has never heard of the show “You”

([00:17:50]) – #2 – Fortnite, Tiktok, SnapChat, Google Cloud, Twitch

([00:22:55]) – #1 – Mike Tyson says smoking “toad” has changed his life

([00:29:25]) – Well That’s Fucked Up – Activision/Blizzard being sued for being a bunch of rapey bros in the workplace

TikTok International Moment

([00:44:35]) – Iran – Iranian women’s soccer goalkeeper accused of being a man

([00:50:25]) – Poland – Polish military using water cannons against migrants

([00:52:40]) – China – Large shipment of Beanie Babies stranded and their CEO is rescuing them

([00:58:35]) – The tale of Frank Towers and what he did inside the Minneapolis St. Paul International airport

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