The boys break down all the latest political, entertainment, police and international news, before sitting down with Brian Entin of News Nation Now for an update on the Brian Laundrie manhunt directly from his parents’ front lawn ([00:40:41])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:03:15]) – Fun Fact: Stars vs. Grains of Sand

([00:05:36]) – Holidays: Mad Hatter Day

([00:07:23]) – This Day in History: JFK Suggests Fallout Shelters

([00:10:19]) – #3 – Streaming Dave Chapelle’s “The Closer” and “House of Dragon”

([00:14:30]) – #2 – Powerball and Fat Bear Week Winners

([00:17:08]) – #1 – Around the Hill: Trillion Dollar Coin Edition

TikTok International Moment

([00:25:00]) – Scotland – World’s First “Crypto Rehab” in a Castle

([00:29:27]) – Israel – Ancient Toilet Unearthed in Jerusalem

5-0H NO!

([00:33:33]) – FBI Raids Ed Mullins’ NY Police Union

([00:35:13]) – FBI Going to Review Nassar Investigation

([00:36:40]) – Operation Blitz in Eastbourne, England Busts a Diabetic Child

([00:38:41]) – Officer Fired for Killing Kitten

([00:40:41]) – Brian Laundrie Manhunt Interview w/ Brian Entin

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