Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth were all down yesterday after an “outage”.. that was clearly a hack. That story here: ([00:21:00])

90 year old Captain Kirk is going to space, and Elon Musk inadvertently pumped a trash alt coin.

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:03:44]) – Fun Fact: The Fat Bear Finals are Today

([00:08:27]) – Holidays: Global James Bond Day, International Day of No Prostitution

([00:09:25]) – This Day in History: Barry Bonds Broke Roger Maris* Home Run Record

([00:11:15]) – Trending Mentions:  Taiwan Waring with China, Casey DeSantis Breast Cancer, Disney’s New Fauci Movie

([00:16:24]) – #3 – 90 y/o Captain Kirk is Going to Space

([00:19:25]) – #2 – Stocks Down / Crypto Shiba Inu Up Because of Elon

([00:21:00]) – #1 – The Facebook Outage Was a Hack, Right?

TikTok International Moment

([00:30:00]) – Italy – Wine Making Operation Kills 4

([00:33:40]) – Korea – Squid Game Subtitles Cause Controversy

([00:39:42]) – Canada – Toronto Man Steals Diapers From Daycare

([00:43:54]) – Foodies – Man Fires Warning Shot After Family Member Takes Bite of Grilled Cheese

([00:48:28]) – Foodies – 15 y/o Icy Delights Worker Assaulted with Icy Delights

([00:52:53]) – Foodies – Word Record Catfish Catch Contested

([00:57:15]) – Andrew Yang Out on The Democratic Party

([00:58:40]) – Emily Ratajkowski Claims Robin Thicke Felt Her Up in 2013

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