There’s a brother and sister OnlyFans team in the UK and it’s as insane as it sounds ([00:42:00]). Mark Zuckerberg plans to turn Facebook into a “Metaverse” company, including an upcoming name change ([00:15:30]). Brian Laundrie’s remains were probably found with the help of his parents, and much more…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:03:14]) – Fun Fact: Vikings Crossed the Atlantic First

([00:06:44]) – Holidays: Back to the Future Day

([00:07:30]) – This Day in History: The High Seas

([00:09:33]) – Trending Mentions: Sports High/Low – CR7 and Tua

([00:12:49]) – #3 – US Senate Shaken Up by Manchin Reports

([00:15:30]) – #2 – Facebook Pivots to Upcoming New Name and Creating the “Metaverse”

([00:21:42]) – #1 – Brian Laundrie’s Personal Items and Potential Remains Found in Local Park

([00:27:30]) – CryptoEats – The biggest alt-coin crypto scam since Safemoon

TikTok International Moment

([00:42:00]) – UK – OnlyFans Brother/Sister Team are Earning Millions

([00:47:05]) – Japan – Man Gets Caught Unblurring Genitals in Porn

([00:49:45]) – China – Influencer kills herself with Poison on Livestream at the suggestion trolls in the chat

([00:53:51]) – TikTok Ticks – Teenage girls getting fake Tourette’s syndrome after watching TikToks

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