On today’s Hard Factor…

Apple unveils its new Macbook Pro, Jackson Mahomes is in trouble for dancing on Sean Taylor’s Memorial ([00:12:30]), Conor McGregor in trouble again for punching someone in Italy, Colin Powell has died at the age of 84 due to complications related to Covid, a waitress pulls a gun on customer at Waffle House, elementary school teacher gives away edibles as prize, fake authors in Spain, Taliban officials have never seen a globe, Koala’s are going to bang themselves into extinction ([00:48:00]) & The manhunt for Brian Laundrie has gotten even sloppier than anticipated.

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:00]) – Fun Fact – Penises used to have spines in them & fetuses are capable of getting erections

([00:08:05]) – Holidays – National Kentucky Day & National Seafood Bisque Day

([00:09:00]) – Today In History – The US defeated the British at Yorktown

([00:10:40]) – Honorable Mentions – Apple unveiled two new Macbook Pro computers & The first Bitcoin ETF will begin trading on the NYSE today

([00:12:30]) – 3 Jackson Mahomes – Patrick Mahomes’ little brother, Jackson, is in big trouble for wiggle dicking on Sean Taylor’s memorial at FedEx Field

([00:18:20]) – 2 Conor McGregor – Conor is once again in trouble for violence after an Italian DJ claims he broke his nose and bloodied his lip before the two were supposed to go to a party

([00:22:25]) – 1 Colin Powell – The first African American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has died at the age of 84 due to complications from Covid

([00:28:15]) – The Silly South – Atlanta Waffle House waitress pulls gun on patron over some eggs & South Carolina elementary school teacher gives away weed edibles to student as prize


([00:40:10]) – Spain – Three men were discovered to be the real authors behind famed crime and thriller novelist, Carmen Mola, when they showed up to receive a prestigious award given to the author

([00:44:52]) – Afghanistan – Taliban official unable to find Afghanistan on a globe when asked on camera

([00:48:00]) – Australia – Officials are testing out a new Chlamydia vaccine on Koala’s before they bang themselves into extinction

([00:55:30]) – Manhunt – US Marshals swarm the hotel room of a man in The Smoky Mountains after guests tipped them off that he may be Brian Laundrie. Also there are still hundreds of US citizens in Afghanistan and up to 75k allies, plus Coach O of LSU update on why he was let go.

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