On today’s Hard Factor a plethora of political news and a discussion on Kyrie Irvings vaccine woes with the Nets, an update on the Gabby Petito case and her cause of death, a man that lost his manhood in a DUI accident ([00:28:20]), Smashmouth’s lead singer retires after some drunken and offensive stage antics, street gangs stealing from the rich at posh restaurants in NYC ([00:38:00]), Doctor in Spain declares woman is ill with “homosexuality”, a killer nurse in Japan & much much more

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:15]) – Fun Facts About Your Skin

([00:06:15]) – Holidays: National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

([00:08:30]) – This Day in History: Rose McGowen Alleges Harvey Weinstein Raped Her

([00:10:35]) – Trending Mentions: Ronaldo & Pat’s Feelings About Ronaldo & Megan Fox & MGK

([00:14:40]) – #3 Around The Hill: Political News

([00:21:20]) – #2 Kyrie Irving Suspended By Nets For Not Getting Vaccine

([00:24:30]) – Cream of the Crop: Gabby Petito’s Cause Of Death Released

([00:28:20]) – Double Vision Segment: Man Loses Penis In DUI & SmashMouth Lead Singer Loses It On Stage

([00:38:00]) – Gang Bang Segment: Stories About Gangs Just Banging In The Streets

TikTok International Moment

([00:49:50]) – Australia – Man’s Poor Punctuation Lands Him In Defamation Lawsuit

([00:55:00]) – Spain – Doctor Marks Woman’s Illness As “Homosexuality” After Visit

([00:58:40]) – Japan – Overworked Nurse Not Sorry For Murdering Three Patients

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